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West Block

West Block, (1865) Parliament Hill, Ottawa

As consultant to FGMD Architects responsible for advising on the conservation of the wrought iron roof cresting, which like that on the East Block is considered to be the finest ornamental wrought iron of its type in Canada, as well as the conservation of the exterior entrance doors, the dormers, the stained glass windows as well as the remaining original wood windows. The iron work on the North towers was completed a few years ago and all other work is now underway.


A portion of the North Towers iron work reinstalled.


 Missing Finials designed


This is the concept design for the two missing finials – the design is based on surviving physical evidence, the existing design vocabulary and historic photographs.



This image shows the reproduced finials being installed.



The conservation of the decorative iron work on the main roof is now underway.


This photograph shows the wrought iron work cleaned of paint and corrosion products and the various repairs being planned and recorded.



The stained glass in the East & West Blocks is amongst the oldest ever made in Canada.


This image shows the building envelope work largely completed.

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