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Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, Alberta


Responsible for building analysis and developing building history with project historians, as-found drawings, conservation working drawings and site review for the restoration of the Pylypow House and the Slemko Farmstead. All buildings were log and project included complete interior restoration including design of reproduction furnishings, bake ovens, etc. For Historic Sites Services, Alberta Culture.




Pylypow House was the 1890s home of Ivan Pylypow 
the first Ukrainian settler in the Canadian west.


The reproduction furniture was designed based on sound knowledge of traditional furniture and the oral history of people familiar with the home in the historic period.




The Slemko House was a modest one room log house with mud plaster inside and out. The clay bake oven was designed and reproduced based on ghost images and traditional practice.




Another view of the restored Slemko House showing some of the reproduction furnishings that were designed based on oral history.

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