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Supreme Court of Canada

Supreme Court of Canada, 1938, Ottawa

The Supreme Court of Canada Building was constructed in 1938-1940 to house the Supreme Court of Canada and the Federal Courts. It was designated a Classified federal heritage building in 1987. Upon its designation, a Heritage Character Statement (HCS) for the building was prepared by the Federal Heritage Building Review Office (FHBRO) describing the heritage value and character-defining elements that should be protected during future maintenance and development of the building. The bronze entrance doors and metal windows are considered to be character defining elements.

Working with Robertson Martin Architects Craig was responsible for reviewing the condition of the 360 windows rolled steel windows, the bronze entrance ways and the copper clad Kalamein doors in subordinate locations

In 2002, working with PWGSC, Craig undertook a general condition survey, made recommendations for the restoration and thermal upgrade of the original steel double window system, oversaw the restoration of one proto-type and prepared cost estimates and a detailed work plan.


The front façade of the Supreme Court as seen from Wellington Street.