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North Perimeter Wall

North Perimeter Wall (c1910) Parliament Hill, Ottawa


The North Perimeter Wall was built across Parliament Hill overlooking the Ottawa River. As part of a larger project involving the complete disassembly and re-engineering of the wall, Craig has advised on the conservation of the original wrought iron components. Phase III was completed in 2017.



The north perimeter wall wraps around the north side of Parliament Hill overlooking the Ottawa river below.



This is a detail Craig prepared for the preliminary report explaining the nomenclature.


This detail shows a typical railing spear set with lead into the new coping.


Collars are used to hold the rails at the posts. Most of the original collars had been replaced because they had split from corrosion. Craig designed new collars in ductile cast iron that can be removed without removing the posts to make future maintenance easier.

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