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Mount Royal Club

Mount Royal Club, 1175 Sherbrooke West, Montreal.

The Mount Royal Club was designed by Stanford White of the New York firm McKim, Mead and White, in joint venture with Hutchison and Wood, in 1904-1905.

This project requires that the masonry steps and landing at the side of the building be rebuilt and reconfigured to provide a more accessible entrance. This requires that the possibly original cast iron vestibule be temporarily removed, disassembled and restored. Towards that end Craig is performing as metal conservator for EVOQ Architecture.

The vestibule is in poor overall condition with some obvious alterations, repairs, physical damage and corrosion. The aesthetic appearance has suffered as a result of failed paint, corrosion and the imposition of an inappropriate front door and replacement glazing. It is feasible to disassemble the vestibule but a major conservation effort will be required to reassemble it as the disassembly process will be unavoidably destructive.

The building is classified by the Ministere de la Culture et Communications du Quebec (MCCQ) and this subordinate entrance is listed as one of the character defining elements.


This shows the cast iron vestibule as it currently appears.

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