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Hopedale Mission

Hopedale Mission, NHS, Labrador

Hopedale Mission, National Historic Site, is a complex of large, timber framed buildings constructed by the Moravian Church at Hopedale, Labrador. The mission was established in 1782. These large, wooden structures stand starkly silhouetted against the rocky shoreline of the vast, barren landscape. Official recognition refers to the cultural landscape comprised of the mission buildings on their shoreline site.

Craig was recently retained to design and detail missing windows, doors and hardware for the 1817 Provision House. The design for these features is based on as-found information, hardware remnants found on site and period practice.


This is the site as it looked historically from the harbor.


This is a partial view of the 1817 Provision House as it appears today.


This shows Craig’s shop drawing for the missing strap hinges based on an existing hinge found on site in the 1970s.


This drawing shows Craig’s shop drawing for reproducing the missing Suffolk latches. The design is based on one found on site in the 1970s.

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