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Griffin House

Griffin House, NHS, Ancaster, Ontario

This timber frame house was built in 1827. It was purchased in 1834 by Enerals Griffin, a Black immigrant from Virginia and it remained in the family for 154 years. The house conveys the diversity of the Black settler experience and is also a rare surviving example of residential vernacular architecture typical of Upper Canada in the early 19th C.

The house is currently operated by the City of Hamilton as a historic house museum. Craig and co-author Ken Heaman recently completed a Furnishing Plan for the house. The purpose of the plan is to propose furnishings and associated household items that are more historically appropriate to the period of commemoration, to the geographical region, and to the Griffin family and their socio economic status.


The house is located in the Dundas Valley.


This is the kitchen as it currently appears.


Craig has now been retained by the City of Hamilton to undertake a Historic Structures Report for the house. The purpose of this study is to document and study the evolution of the house in order to better understand what is original and when and how the house evolved over time.

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