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Colonial Building

Colonial Building (1850), St. John’s, Newfoundland


Craig has been involved in various stages of this project, now underway. He was part of a larger multidisciplinary team that undertook a historic structures report on the building. For that he addressed the building interior and all built in furniture, trim and doors, as well as the windows, exterior entrances and the roof top lantern.

Since then, Craig was retained to develop working drawings and specifications for the replication of the missing lantern and for the restoration and replication of the windows including all interior trim, folding shutters, etc. This construction work is presently underway.  Craig is currently developing a tender package for the restoration of all interior wood work and doors.



This is the Colonial Building as it currently appears.



This is the Colonial Building as it appeared originally with the lantern in place.



The process of developing the historic structures report included documenting the various moulding profiles.



Historic photos, in combination with a process known as reverse perspective, was used to develop the design for the missing lanern.

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