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Central Presbyterian Church

Central Presbyterian Church, (c1907), Hamilton, Ontario.

This is the only church known to have been designed by Architect John Lyle, the same architect who designed Union Station in Toronto. Our project began 20 years ago with a condition survey and long term maintenance plan for this Georgian Revival church. The study required research to understand evolution and maintenance history, complete examination of the building envelope including built-up and copper roofs, brick and Roman Stone walling and steeple, entrances and leaded glass windows followed by prioritized recommendations for repair and cost estimates. The first phases involved the restoration of brick and Roman Stone, foundation damp proofing, new roofs, and interior upgrades for life safety, mechanical and electrical systems. Over the past seven years the stained glass windows have been restored.




The stained glass windows all date from early in the 20th C. and, over time, had all been inappropriately covered with extra glazing and polycarbonate sheets.



The church interior is largely all original.



The original drawings have shed interesting information on the construction details, building evolution and ongoing maintenance issues.



The restored windows on the south façade.

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